US GRANT: Failed President; Father Extraordinaire

Imperfect man; near perfect father.
Imperfect man; near perfect father.

“General Grant was an extraordinarily responsible and devoted father and husband. He was extremely loving and kind towards his wife and children and was always considered a hero in the eyes of his family. Perhaps General Grant was the most ethical and moral family man and U. S. President that we ever had. The recollection that his wife, children and grandchildren had of him was of the highest caliber.”

READ WHAT HIS FAMILY HAD TO SAY HERE. (Warning: It’s all very sweet) Sigh.



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15 responses to “US GRANT: Failed President; Father Extraordinaire”

    • His story is like some of the best novels–full of great loves and tragedy. He was incredibly loyal to friends who weren’t always looking out for his best interest. He wrote his memoirs in order to save his family financially and to pay back investors who were swindled (as he was) by Ferd Ward who partnered with Grant’s son and duped them all. Mark Twain (who loved the general) helped publish the work so Grant could die at peace from the throat cancer he suffered from. I confess I LOVE Grant.

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  1. He once came to our little city of Dundee! And he looked at the then new rail bridge which fell down three years later killing the 75 people on board a train at the time, and said, ‘That’s a mighty long bridge to such a mighty little old town.’


  2. Sad to say, I can totally understand his favoritism toward his daughter. I feel kind of guilty that I find it so much easier and more natural to be tender and affectionate toward my little girl.


      • Is that a universal truth? The Wife warned me that a daughter would wrap me around her finger. I just sort of wonder how common it is.


      • Our sample – albeit a small one – seems to indicate that 100% of all fathers polled have a special place in their hearts for their little girl.


      • I haven’t been to too many weddings and I prefer my syrup on pancakes so that explains why I’m not familiar with this genre.


      • I’ve been to a lot of them–so many cousins! When I got married the first time I refused to have any sappy dance with dad type of thing. We went for a small wedding.Looking back I wish, after all my father had done for me that I would have let him have that one thing. he was one of my best friends.


      • We had a small wedding, too. It was just me, my bride to be, the pastor, two friends of ours who happened to work at the church and a musician who just happened to be noodling around on the piano when we came in. None of our parents were there all though we had gotten all of their blessings. I don’t think H’s dad would have danced with her, but you never know.

        Regret is a difficult thing to deal with. I’m sorry.


      • It’s a small regret because my father and i were super close and happy with each other most of the time. He didn’t like my first husband anyway. I should say he didn’t think we were a good match (wish he would have mentioned that!) but I probably wouldn’t have listened–young and stupid 🙂

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