A Desk Of One’s Own


Little reminders of your cluttered soul perched atop your very own place. Not a whole room, just a spot.


Sheaffer Skrip Ink given a comfy home in an old jar and the well-worn nib wait for snowy days when all there is to do is write.


For quick notes jotted when time is short inky pens do the trick.


Coffee, the trusted stimulator.


Tucked away notes.


And the words of others sitting close by.

These things and the sounds outside the door–a rooster crowing, a dog scratching its ear and impatient for a walk and the muffled talk of family making music of their own–these things make books.


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  1. I love your desk, with the old hard back books, the birds and little oil lamps. Just inviting one to sit down an escape into a world all your own.


    1. Thanks, I love it, too. Even when I’m having trouble writing I love sitting at the desk. I used to sit at an ugly Formica-topped counter, but with a few choice objects I could imagine it quite beautiful. I love little collections.


  2. maedez says:

    Lovely, homey post!


  3. Jayde-Ashe says:

    Awesome post! It’s always very cool and inspiring to see someone else’s work space. Yours is fantastic!


    1. Thank you. Inviting people into my home is much easier on the computer than in real life–too many crazy dogs making people uncomfortable. Ha-ha.


  4. erickeyswriter says:

    I always enjoy a peak at other peoples’ bookshelves, desks, etc!

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