Beautiful Librarian–Ina Coolbrith

Beautiful Muse--Ina Coolbrith

What soulful eyes! What great hair! But now I’m being shallow. Ina was so much more than her looks. Her poetry career held much promise, but she put her family first when illness struck. Someone once said that their family lived off of Ina’s poetry to which she replied, “How nice. That’s more than I was ever able to do.”
Her work as a librarian made her most proud. Jack London called her noble and Isadora Duncan remembered her fire and passion.
Although higher education was not open to her she was the first woman to furnish a commencement poem to any university.

She spoke for educational and occupational opportunities for women.
“And as a woman does not live by bread alone any more than a man, I would have in connection therewith libraries and reading rooms, lectures and music, that the mind and the heart might be fed as well as the body, and life be endowed with its greatest humanizing and moral influences, hope and happiness.”

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