2 thoughts on “Nature-Deficit Disorder

    This reminds me of an old old story about city folk on a visit to a farm. The city man asks the farmer a question: “I say, why doesn’t that cow have any horns?”.
    The farmer answers, slowly: “Well, sir, there’s a lot o’ reasons why cows don’t ‘ave ‘orns. Some of ’em don’t grow ‘orns. Some of ’em ‘ave their ‘orns cut off. But the reason that cow don’t ‘ave ‘orns is ‘cos it’s a ‘orse”.


    • Hahaha–that’s FUNNY! We just had my three nieces visiting the farm. They LOVED it. Everything seemed so interesting to them. They stayed outside except for meals playing and exploring.

      They didn’t love when we had to drive in my minivan after a trip picking up new sheep. Unlike goats who don’t relieve themselves while in motion, the sheep made a huge mess in transport. Not sure if we’ll have to get rid of it! THE SMELL!!!!


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