Reasons I’m Still Not Writing

Oh, what a beautiful morning . . .
Oh, what a beautiful morning . . .

When I wake up to this I tend to linger a little longer in the yard. Even the turkeys spend more time on their “deck.”

They gobble in excitement as I walk up to feed them.
They gobble in excitement as I walk up to feed them.

Before it gets too hot and guests arrive I pickle and can beets (my sister loves them so I grow and preserve them for her visits).

Pickled beets are pretty, don't you think?
Pickled beets are pretty, don’t you think?

The guests arrive and want to do farmy things. I’m all for help finding potatoes with my nieces.

The girls meet Clare, the crippled chicken and fall in love with her.

farm2 014

They love riding on the back of the truck,too.

farm2 076

We decided to get a few lambs and the day comes to pick them up. Goats don’t pee when in minivans, but sheep do. A lesson learned. Does anyone know a good way to get the smell of sheep urine out of carpeting?

Lila, Tyra and Becky lambs.
Lila, Tyra and Becky.

We also build a house for our new ram, Smash Williams. So while I’d like to say I write no matter what, every day without fail I really can’t. The sun sets and another Upstate New York evening enthralls me and my visitors.


We sit in the yard. Buck Crenshaw and his world wait for me to return, but for now I just enjoy reality.

36 responses to “Reasons I’m Still Not Writing”

  1. Following on from “A Writer’s Deadly Sins” …….
    It’s your vocation, or “calling”, and if the “caller” doesn’t call, then you won’t hear anything. Of course, you may have shut your ears, that has the same effect!


    • I think people shut their ears more often than not. They don’t trust the caller. I was afraid of Him myself–but finally He caught me off guard and I had to surrender to the calling. I’m glad I did. πŸ™‚


      • Oh! South Florida!!! That is hot. I remember going to an Everglades nature preserve in summer, boy was it brutal–the mosquitoes mostly. I did love how the restaurants and bars spritzed everyone with water as they ate and drank in Miami.

        Florida in spring is great! We stayed in my uncle’s villa outside of Jacksonville at the Sawgrass Country Club–now that was living!

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      • Yes, I miss how the fall feels in the North East. We don’t really get that down here.

        My neck of the woods is ok, for the most part. We might be relocating to Texas – Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I’m getting farther and farther from home…


      • Well, there are parts of Texas where that’s probably true, but I suspect it won’t be the case in Dallas. (Ft. Worth on the other hand still has cattle drives…)


      • I’m sure there are some “cowboys” around and even a few hipster cowboys, but it’s less cowboy-culture than Ft. Worth. My guess is you don’t get stared at if you wear a cowboy hat – unless you wear it inside or give yourself away as a non-native some other way.


  2. Lovely to catch a glimpse of your world. Very beautiful indeed. I wish I had animals too, aside from Miss Kitty. By the way, try baking soda on the carpet stain. Not sure if it works but at least it stops people from tracking it all over the place. Very nice post – I’m so happy for you.


    • Thanks. I looked out the window and ran for the camera. Those mornings last for about 15 minutes–the sun chases the mist and fog so quickly away. It’s been a beautiful summer–but now I have to treat the new sheep for worms!! My favorite. Ugh.

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  3. Your world looks so beautiful!!! I know how you feel–I’ve neglected my blog with all the complicated stuff life throws at you and, even more so, the “farm”. Always easier to go peek at the eggplants, chase squirrels or just hang with the ducks. Enjoy the summer now–winter she is a comin’! πŸ™‚


    • We have some crazy duck stuff going on at the moment. Our Sophie got broody and hid a bunch of eggs. Then we found her with a cracked egg in mouth (small dead duck hanging out). We’re not sure if Ferd got to it or she did it herself. So we took some of the eggs (due any day) and gave it to another broody chicken. Sophie got to keep a few and now the contest is on to see who will be a better mother.

      Have a relaxing August. πŸ™‚

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