The Indian Cowboys of Florida

courtesy NPR
courtesy NPR


7 responses to “The Indian Cowboys of Florida”

  1. The Seminole chief known as Cowkeeper would probably cout as the original Indian Cowboy. Cowkeeper sent his sons to kill my a Spanish rancher who was most likely my ancestor. The book, Florida Cowman: A History of Florida Cattle Raising, makes it pretty clear that my ancestor was the first cowboy of what is now the United States. St Augustine is the oldest city and my ancestor are the oldest citizens. The brought the cattle and the horses to the US.


  2. When this post arrived, I was actually in Florida, at a food writing conference, and had just learned during a presentation on Florida beef about the origin of the term “Florida cracker.” Fun to have the explanation confirmed in this article (from the crack of the whip) so soon after having heard the story. Cynthia


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