LINK: Boxing Babes!

Mud wrestlers think they're so original!
Mud wrestlers think they’re so original!


7 responses to “LINK: Boxing Babes!”

    • Haha!

      I listened to your show about the reformation yesterday evening. i thought your question about what it would take to bring the the Catholics and Protestants together–and his answer were very interesting.

      i was raised Catholic but after a long journey ended up in an independent Baptist church on a quiet country road in Upstate NY!

      For me it was all about discovering how awesome the Bible is!! I was so hungry for learning. I do miss some of the pageantry of the catholic mass though.

      Def going to listen to the psychic show–it’s very tempting when you want to know the future to turn to things like that.

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      • I try not to get caught up in denominational wars but I think the cry from his heart is getting people back to Biblical basics. The psychic show is awesome! Had a great time and we covered as much as we could so it went a little longer than usual.


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