On a Sick Day in Bed

077Once a year I get sick, drop ten pounds and take two weeks to recover. The sickness is actually not the worst type. It’s mostly a sudden loss of appetite, chills accompanied by  fever and the feeling that my heart will explode from my chest if I take one more step. To me it sounds like a flu, but others always insist it’s not the flu. I don’t know why they care if I call it the flu or not, but I get this every year.

This year it’s lasted an extra few days which has interfered with my blog writing. My fingers are giving out as I w r i t e  t h i s . . .

So I thought I’d just share a few bedrooms from Robert Todd Lincoln’s summer home Hildene. They’d be perfect for a sick day. Can you find the servant’s bedroom?

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  1. I hope you feel better soon.


    1. Thanks so much, Jeffrey. I feel better already. Everyone is so kind 🙂 It’s a rainy day, so it’s really kind of perfect being sick.


    1. Thanks, Richard. Funny I didn’t expect well wishers. It’s so nice!

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      1. You’re well thought of 🙂

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  2. Mike says:

    The last picture looks like the servants room. Hope you feel better soon.


    1. Yeah, not quite as cozy, but spacious and bright. Thanks Mike.

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  3. Hope you feel better.


  4. maedez says:

    Feel better!

    PS-The servant’s room is definitely the last one. It’s actually a lovely space, but the bed is a dead giveaway. It’s made for someone who can’t linger in bed of a morning…


    1. Thanks! Yes, I like the space as well. Even the little quilt etc. It’s actually bigger than most of the bedrooms I’ve had. 🙂 Cute new gravatar!


      1. maedez says:

        I’d be perfectly happy in that room, quilt included, except for that mattress!

        Thanks. That is a really recent photo of me.


  5. Nicodemas says:

    The servant’s bedroom is on the bottom right? Hope you feel better!


  6. Hope you are even better now


  7. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well !


    1. Thanks, I’m on the mend. My husband was getting worried that I had meningitis because a neighbor got it one year from a tick and I’m always out in the woods. I think I’m okay 🙂

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      1. I hope you get to feeling better quick !!!!


  8. Take it easy, Adrienne. x


  9. D'Dream says:

    I prayed you get well soonest


    1. That is really sweet. Every prayer helps!


      1. D'Dream says:

        I can relate very well your present state. I am telling you it wasn’t funny at all.

        I join my faith with yours for a speedy recovery. May the healing balm of Gilead and the Great physicians without border heals you.

        Get well soonest

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