A Visit at Home with Theodore Roosevelt!

15 responses to “A Visit at Home with Theodore Roosevelt!”

  1. The thing that amused me is that you could tell exactly when he was given a direction — the pause, the direct gaze, the nod, and then the change of direction. Movie making was definitely at an innocent stage then.

    Ever seen the movie “The Wind and the Lion”? Brian Keith was absolutely channeling TR in that. Remarkable performance. Worth seeing.


  2. My studies in Puritanism, then the Revolution, and the evolving of the literature of those eras eventually gave me a brief but earnest focus on T. Roosevelt, and for a time, he was in my imagination consistently as a heroic individual. I can’t say that I recall everything I learned, but somehow, I have many positive remnants in my mind about him. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Puritanism! If I had another life I’d love to study that! I disagree with some of TR’s ideas (though it’s easy through hindsight) but his energy!!!! What’s not to love? He also seems to have been a good father–something we should make more of than we do these days.

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