Apache Indian School Girl

Apache-Indian-girl-New Mexico-school

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    • I visited a children’s residential home yesterday and met a little boy. It was obvious he had some learning delays. I remembered with some regret how I used to avoid people with “problems.” It struck me yesterday talking to this lonely child how often I have missed seeing the grace in other people. It’s so much easier to do when I have a photo from long ago. Maybe it’s a safer thing for me.


  1. A lovely picture. I always find those moving. The little girl is long dead. What was her life? It is a bit like watching an old Jimmy Stewart movie. Practially everyone in the picture is gone… 🙂


    • You’ve tapped into something I spend so many happy and sad hours thinking about. What is that feeling that comes with being drawn into a dead person’s expression in an old photo? Whatever it is I’m addicted to it.

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      • Go back a bit. I have photographs of my great-grandmother in India when she was a child. Around 1850 or 1860. Photography was barely invented. And all I have is the shock of light on a silver plate bouncing off the little girl that was there… She is long gone. But the bits of light are still here. Dumbfounding isn’t it? Have a lovely week Adrienne.


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