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  1. Eileen says:

    Love this. Do you know the date?


    1. I’m going to guess the 1870’s, but it’s a guess. 🙂


  2. Self contained grace, a beautiful child.


    1. I visited a children’s residential home yesterday and met a little boy. It was obvious he had some learning delays. I remembered with some regret how I used to avoid people with “problems.” It struck me yesterday talking to this lonely child how often I have missed seeing the grace in other people. It’s so much easier to do when I have a photo from long ago. Maybe it’s a safer thing for me.


      1. I had a similar experience when I as a kid – avoided a girl in our class who we’d called “retarded.” Even then I knew our behavior toward her was unforgivably horrible. It’s at the heart of one of my books.


      2. Isn’t it weird that as a kid you know it’s horrible but you don’t stop what you’re doing?


  3. equinoxio21 says:

    A lovely picture. I always find those moving. The little girl is long dead. What was her life? It is a bit like watching an old Jimmy Stewart movie. Practially everyone in the picture is gone… 🙂


    1. You’ve tapped into something I spend so many happy and sad hours thinking about. What is that feeling that comes with being drawn into a dead person’s expression in an old photo? Whatever it is I’m addicted to it.

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      1. equinoxio21 says:

        Go back a bit. I have photographs of my great-grandmother in India when she was a child. Around 1850 or 1860. Photography was barely invented. And all I have is the shock of light on a silver plate bouncing off the little girl that was there… She is long gone. But the bits of light are still here. Dumbfounding isn’t it? Have a lovely week Adrienne.


      2. Sure is–and I like how you put it.

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  4. carlamcgill says:

    Wonderful photo. So much can be imagined about her messy hair, her hands, so gently resting and touching each other, and the somewhat stunned look in her eyes.


    1. Hi Carla,
      She reminds me of my first day at Catholic school! haha!

      She’s a beautiful little girl. One can only imagine the thoughts going through her head.

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      1. carlamcgill says:

        🙂 Yes, she is very beautiful. Where do you get the wonderful photos?


      2. The Library of Congress is a great place to begin.

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