8 thoughts on “Edith Wharton says:

  1. I am SUCH a big fan of Edith Wharton!! Last spring I went to visit her home in the Berkshire Mountains called The Mount – it was wonderful. And, several years ago, when I visited The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, I spied Edith Wharton’s name in one of those brass name plate thingies grand estates used to have on the doors of their guest rooms. I was thrilled!!
    Of course, it had her listed as Mrs. ‘Whateverherhusband’snamewas’, as they always did until not too long ago. (I’ve read that the name cards helped those who ‘bed hopped’ during the night not to end up in the wrong room!!)


    • Oh, the rich and famous! What they get up to! 🙂

      I like Edith (because her writing is great) but she’s such a depressing writer.I never got the feeling reading her novels that she liked people much (but then it’s been a while and I was young when I read her.


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