Julia Margaret Cameron . “The Gardener’s Daughter”, (1873)


TWELVE WONDERFUL WRITERS’ GARDENS TO VISIT (if you happen to be in Great Britain)




Where would you like to live?

17 thoughts on “Julia Margaret Cameron . “The Gardener’s Daughter”, (1873)

  1. “The long and short of it?”
    Europe or America.
    I’m getting sick and tired of the third world.
    Hope you are well Adrienne and that the milking is working fine.


    1. I just finished eating goats’ milk chocolate pudding! Yum. It was 8 degrees yesterday morning so I wasn’t loving milking the goats then, but I’m thrilled that they’re all healthy. The baby does drink straight from their mothers so they’re fat and cute little things bouncing around the yard.

      Funny, I didn’t even think of it as a Europe or American thing–just individual homes and gardens–but . . .I do love America and the British Isles. I’ve been to Nicaragua and Costa Rica and the people were lovely, but I just hate the heat.

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    1. Oh, so true. When I met my husband I moved me and the kids up to beautiful Saratoga NY from congested NJ. Guess where my kids moved as soon as they became adults–New Jersey! I’m always feeling the pull of my family in NJ, yet now I’ve built a life here—so bittersweet.

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      1. My family is from New Jersey and we lived there for 5 years when I was a kid. But we moved away and made our lives in Hawaii and finally in California. Still, I have a lot of family (cousins) on the East Coast.


      2. What part of Jersey? My father seriously called Jersey “God’s country.”
        When I hear a Jersey accent I almost cry! The accent we have is different from the one that’s always made fun of on TV. The Sopranos we are not. 🙂

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      3. Heaven forbid, the Sopranos we are not either.
        I love the history in NJ. The family all lived in or near Trenton until they all started moving away. We got the furthest. I have a very odd accent, a blend of (real) New Jersey, Hawaii, Alabama, and the New York I accidentally mimicked from an aunt. People still ask me to repeat some words tho I’ve lived in California for decades. Westerners can’t pronounce my name correctly but Easterners always hear it.
        OK, I couldn’t sleep last night and now I’m going to try. Read your blog tomorrow’s post?


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