Thomas Dewing – The Hermit Thrush, 1890

American Art Museum

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3 responses to “Thomas Dewing – The Hermit Thrush, 1890”

  1. Dewing’s work is mesmerizing. I first came across his work in an art history class and have loved it ever since. His figures have muscle but appear to emerge from a fairy tale, as though they are too carnal to stay in a mythological realm and too magical to exist on earth. His drawings are wondrous, of people who must surely speak, and then you notice that a tendril of pencil simply floats away, unable to remain. I copied this style for a lot of drawings when I was young (didn’t approach his skill of course)

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    • His painting “A Reading” I really enjoy–the looks on the women’s faces are so real, but like you say, the room they sit in seems so unreal. I love his use of color, too.

      I was a rather heavy-handed, second-rate art student. 🙂


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