“The lovers bear the dual burden of Adam and Eve and of Moses. They see the promised land in their longing’s imagination and enter it only to be expelled from it. Behold the lovers who find in their embrace the illusion of complete union and in fleeting moments even its reality, only to awaken alone in the embrace of another lover.” Hans Morgenthau

Leonard Campbell Taylor, Persuasion, 1914.

Leonard Campbell Taylor, Persuasion, 1914.


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  1. Eileen says:

    It’s paradoxical….the oneness we can sometime experience so powerfully in union with another person, particularly when we are able to put their well being/pleasure before our own, often then flows directly into an experience of oneness with the whole universe and the Love that created it.
    It’s an experience like no other and mystics of diverse belief systems share this experience of oneness. It’s the spiritual level of sex, and the resurrection from a dying to self.


    1. I definitely struggle with dying to self–though I have on many occasions experienced a oneness with nature. I don’t hold nature as my god but I feel God’s awesomeness and love the most then. I really relate to some of the Psalms that celebrate creation.

      It’s easier to be selfish with people–and sometimes you don’t even realize what you’re doing!

      Have a great day, Eileen.


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