Is This TR’s Son? Sure looks like it.

America's Children 1850-1930 (49)

If not, he’s just a good-looking American kid. For more kids check out this LINK. The pictures are great!

America's Children 1850-1930 (8)

6 responses to “Is This TR’s Son? Sure looks like it.”

    • Me too. I remember how proud I was of myself when I first learned to make a 1860’s style dress for my daughter–I’m not a great seamstress but seeing my daughter in that outfit was just great.

      Do you make some of your own clothes?


      • I usually don’t make my own clothes anymore but I used to – and even made my wedding dress. i used to volunteer at Storrowton Village in West Springfield, MA as a costumed interpreter, and one year I signed up my nieces for a week of summer camp there. I made them each a dress and a little white cap, although Storrowton had clothes for boys and girls. They were thrilled. At Storrowton they use the 1860s for the clothes, the tools, the kitchen etc. etc. ++ What did you make your daughter a dress for?


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