5 thoughts on “Flannery O’Connor: “Oh God please make my mind clear. Please make it clean . . . Please help me get down under things and find where You are.”

  1. My prayer, “Give me the grace to open my eyes to your presence in everything.” And lo and behold, His grace and plan can be seen in my husband’s tender care for me with my shattered shoulder in February and now in my healing in time to help my husband in his struggle with an incurable progressive disease, in the surprise of an Indigo Bunting out side our window, the kindness of friends, the sacrificial love of our family and the witness I find in the blogs I follow like yours.


    • Aw, thanks Eileen. I know how tough it is to lose a good arm for a while and how wonderful it is when a husband takes good care of you–we are blessed, aren’t we? But sometimes it’s so easy to get annoyed when a family member does the smallest thing wrong. Blah. I think your prayer is a good one!


      • I guess how reading her bizarre stories makes me feel normal! She had a famous quote, “I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” That’s how I understand how I feel about a complex issue–I have to write it all down to process it.
        “Everything that rises must converge” is a great book of her stories.


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