A Picture with a Thousand Stories to Tell


On the beach at Narragansett Pier by W.T. Smedley

7 responses to “A Picture with a Thousand Stories to Tell”

    • I love how the younger people have the new bathing suits but the married couple have the older fashions!

      Is Narragansett not as nice now? I’ve never been, but I did grow up in New Jersey and love seeing the old Jersey shore when it was a place for the “beautiful” people in their beautiful clothes.


  1. Charming but I’m a little confused as to the temperature. There are men strolling in suits and women in layers, and then swimmers in swim attire but also those who’re fully clothed in the water.


    • I see that as a clash of generations and sensibilities. 🙂 Those bathing suits are for the young! I think of the beaches I’ve been to and often some people are wearing t-shirts and shorts over their bathing suits–to protect their modesty. Our foster child who is only 10 has a real problem seeing adults in bathing suits–like being exposed to things that should remain private. She’s caused me to re-think bathing suits.

      Speaking of swimming, I hope your summer is a good one, Diana!



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