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  1. Eileen says:

    The quote is powerful and poignant. The painting is brilliant….the colors, the details of the man and the symbolism. Great post. Thanks.


    1. Except for where I misspelled enemies! Oh, well–Hope the veterans don’t mind too much (I’m just a flawed but grateful citizen). 😉


  2. Work used to be back-breaking and weeks long. We really are a spoiled generation.


    1. Imagine coming home after years of trekking the countryside on foot, often in danger and hungry. I wonder what mix of emotions a veteran in his field must feel.

      When I hear that many Americans have no idea what the Civil War was fought for I think we are not only spoiled, but a little shallow as well.

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      1. He was probably happy to be home with no one shooting at him. And baffled to have survived when so many didn’t. It’s a hard road to survive, but it makes you stronger. So many people glorify military service. My dad was in Vietnam, and his life was in daily danger.


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