Artist Inspired by Book

I LOVE this! A fantastic surprise from the talented artist Sam Hennessy!

Tenafly Road

tenafly1 Note cards by Sam Hennessy

How cool is it when a designer is inspired to make art featuring your book? Very cool! For all of you indie writers out there who wonder if you’ll ever make it big–enjoy the wonderful surprises that come from just getting out there!

More on Sam Hennessy in a future post . . . but for now Nancy Christie at ONE ON ONE is featuring me on her blog in a four part interview this month. Please stop by,  read part two today and leave a comment.

Have a great week everyone!



Historical Novel Society Editors’ Choice Pick:

The House on Tenafly Road

“After his service in the Civil War, Sergeant John Weldon, haunted and nearly shattered by his experiences on and off the battlefield (which left him with lingering acute pain and a morphine addiction), makes his way to the picturesque…

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