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  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Very neat. Wonder where that was, the postcard is in french… (Looked it up. Couldn’t find it.)
    Hope all is well with you Adrienne.


  2. As I’ve always been hooked on tree houses, I’m enchanted by this photo. One of the books I’ve written is called The Tree House Mother.


    1. What’s the book about, Sharon?

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      1. Sorry I’ve been late to respond to your question – computer problems, hopefully fixed.
        The book is called The Tree House Mother, and is about a girl whose mother lives in a tree house, unresponsive to her family’s needs.


      2. Sounds intriguing. My mother was a good one but all the mothers I write about are conflicted and distant. I dreamed last night that my son’s best friend was killed and I suddenly realized I’d been too self-obsessed through their teen years to take any photos of them.


  3. carlamcgill says:

    So interesting, Adrienne! I’m sure I would have enjoyed them!

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