Upstate New York: Autumn to Winter in One Day!

14 responses to “Upstate New York: Autumn to Winter in One Day!”

    • It’s already warmer again today. Now we have mud ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always dreamed of living where I do since I love the changing seasons (and maple syrup flowing in the trees). Upstate summers are mild. I’d never have the stamina to work outdoors in the humidity of Florida. I guess I’d have to find new work indoors if ever I moved south!

      I’m glad you like where you live. It’s no fun when you don’t.

      Have a great weekend~


  1. Wow! One year it snowed here in Middle Tennessee on Halloween. The trees still had their leaves and the snow clung to them bending limbs to the ground. It was enchanting. Happy snow days! You look like you are enjoying it. The first snow is always magical.


    • I love snow until late Feb. From then on it’s a trial, but one I can deal with since Upstate NY is so lovely most of the year.

      My husband sometimes dreams of moving to Tennessee, but I’d hate to move too far from my family. It does look like beautiful country there.


  2. Brrr! Your farm is really beautiful but it sure looks cold, and I bet this is just the tip of the temperature drop up there. Our son went to Cornell for graduate school. The first weekend he came home (Southern California) he stood for two minutes in a drop of sunlight shining on the airport. We spent the rest of the weekend running from one outdoor outfitter to another, buying every cold weather clothing item we could find. He couldn’t wait to move back to California once he had his degree. A sun baby, I guess.


    • I love visiting someplace warm after a winter up here.It only happened once when we traveled with my parents to Florida one March. My ex husband never got along with my father and they fought over Monopoly and most everything else while we were there, but that first morning in the sunshine was the BEST!

      NY winters need NY clothes–once you make peace with puffy coats, they’re not so bad.

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  3. It is so pretty, though you would probably have chosen to wait until November. We’ve had these early snows here and it can be such a bother, especially when all the leaves haven’t fallen. I hope this is short-lived and you have some more pristine Autumn days.


    • The snow is gone, the leaves are still hanging on here and there so we’re okay. Raking always gets away from me anyway and I get too tired using a leaf blower–not enough upper body strength! ๐Ÿ™‚ Go CUBS!


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