ART: Uplands And Sky by Adrian Stokes

Uplands and Sky 1886-8 by Adrian Stokes 1854-1935
Courtesy Tate Museum

Rise, O my soul, with thy desires to heaven,

And with divinest contemplation use

Thy time where time’s eternity is given,

And let vain thoughts no more thy thoughts abuse;

But down in darkness let them lie:

So live thy better, let thy worse thoughts die!

–Sir Walter Raleigh.

5 responses to “ART: Uplands And Sky by Adrian Stokes”

  1. Love this exhortation from Raleigh! It reminds me of that line in Hamlet (Act IV, Scene 4) when he tells his mother, who has said that his words have “cleft my heart in twain,” to “throw away the worser part of it,/And live the purer with the other half.”


    • Oh, the beauty of language! I hope they never give up teaching Shakespeare in school.

      Off topic a little, once I watched Shakespeare in Love while recovering from a malady and enjoyed it. I decided years later it would be a good family movie night pick–I guess the drugs I had been on at the time caused me to forget about the explicit sex scenes–oh, well. My kids still give me a hard time over that! LOL

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