Malvine by Anne Louis Girodet



17 thoughts on “Death

  1. The conclusion of the article’s interesting – thinking of death could “motivate people in other realms”. Like getting on with one’s book project 🙂


    1. True. My experience of coming very close to death changed my attitude greatly. Surviving something most people have little hope surviving made me feel I was here for a purpose and that sitting around feeling sorry for myself was no longer an option. My entire life changed (for the better).

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      1. Agreed. On the way to the hospital when I was almost dying there was the most beautiful sunset. Strange what you remember. My children were quite young and it was a pregnancy complication. I wanted to stay a live for them, but there was one point where I felt the peace of God and was resigned to death. The people around me were like “No way. We’re not going to let you!” Those doctors and nurses were AWESOME!!!!

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    1. Yay! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it.You’ve made my night. John and Kate are my very special friends.

      I always knew the story would end hopeful. After such a long book what would be the point of a sad ending? 🙂
      Now that I’ve written about the family through 4 books I feel like the characters are real and I so love sharing them.

      Thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading!



    1. Yes, I wanted to know what happened to John and Kate’s son and also Graham and Margaret’s kids so I wrote a whole series about them.

      Remember Graham’s son Buck who pushed William from the hayloft? He goes to West Point in the next book and gets into heaps of trouble! William goes back to Arizona and Buck’s sister follows him (more trouble).

      Two are published and the next is due out in March. None of them weigh as much as the first though! (all available on Amazon 😉 )

      If you get a chance and feel so inclined to leave a short review, I’d greatly appreciate it!

      And thanks again for reading!

      All the best~


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