20 Works of Historical Fiction You Should Read Right Now


Historical fiction is not necessarily a “new” genre, but  many of the authors below have painstakingly recreated the past through years of academic and on-location research. As a window into the past, historical fiction is a healthy way to remove modern prejudices that affect our judgement of the olden days. Sometimes, it is easy to think that everybody was once simple-minded, brutish and downright inhumane, but these intimate portraits set in unfamiliar eras allow us to think otherwise.
This selection includes many skilled authors who boast many other quality works that should also be considered. At Qwiklit, we are merely showing you how certain authors have approached certain periods of time, and we are well aware there are dozens of other great selections worth looking at. Some recreate entire cities from the ground up, while others take conventional histories and turn  them on their head. Either way, the past can…

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2 responses to “20 Works of Historical Fiction You Should Read Right Now”

  1. Adrienne, I was trying to find your email address but was unsuccessful. Thank you so much for your comment on my book. I do plan to expand it in the future–it’s just impossible at this time. I recently ordered yours (Tenafly Rd) I am looking forward to reading it. I didnt realize you have several books out there. Again, thank you for your comments.


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