snow barn

Just so happens we have multiple sheep and goats due to lamb and kid today! Everyone home from work and school so just a quick post. I hope to show you all the babies soon!


24 thoughts on “Blizzard

      1. At my place I would be dead – no central heating, no insulation, no attic, almost entirely late 1700s walls or worse, Victorian walls built to house chickens…. was bad enough when it was -8C.


      2. so expensive to run. what survives from tudor times is more thermally efficient. i don’t think the burials beneath teh building have helped much in my case


      3. yep! Lots of stuff is going to be under there – Roman, Iron age etc but much nearer the surface the results of anatomical experiments on the workhouse dead in the nineteenth century by the anatomist, John Box who lived in the big house adjacent – see the top of p 15 – sorry about the scan quality. there is clearly something right underneath the wall of the living room, which would have been the edge of the workers’ washroom facilities at the time.
        he basically needed bodies to teach students and so he got himself a Board membership of teh workhouse


      4. I am not really very convinced about the concept – not because of some idea of life after death but because I am not quite convinced of teh literalness of life


      5. Ha! It feels literal to me. 😉 I was being flippant. I guess it’s necessary to learn things on dead people and animals, but I’d never be the one to do it.

        I’m pretty sure I believe in an afterlife.


    1. I confess I’m not a very nice person this time of year. I stress about bedding, parasites, crazy birthing positions I may have to take heroic measures to fix, death–you know–basically being a real farmer. I’m more a writer who loves animals. 🙂 Still no babies! But glad the storm has passed.

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  1. You and the babies are probably on the minds of each and everyone of us who’s read this post and seen the photo. Definitely on mine. Hang on there, writer who loves animals!


    1. I was cursing to myself yesterday while slogging through the snow with gallon containers of water (we have no water at the barn). Everyone else was in the house.

      When I came in I found that they decided to make me a special dinner. 🙂 I sheepishly ate their gift thinking of all the names I called them to myself. LOL.

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