How to Write Historical Fiction That Will Not Disappoint

desk 4Did you know claiming to be a historical fiction writer is controversial? I didn’t. It seems there is some debate about exactly what historical fiction actually is. What do you think?

Defining the Genre: What are the rules for historical fiction?

Seven Rules for Writing Historical Fiction

What is Historical Fiction?


17 responses to “How to Write Historical Fiction That Will Not Disappoint”

  1. I believe that “historical fiction” is any fiction involving a historical event, even if the event is changed. To me, it’s a very broad spectrum. I even consider “alternative history” to be historical fiction.


    • Yeah, I hate that we have to nit pick over labels but it’s all about sales and what people hope to get from a book. I’m pretty broad-minded– I even think some history is part fiction based on the authors perspective. πŸ™‚

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  2. Authors of Historical Fiction admit to the use of artistic license, nut many non-fiction historians bias their writing. Historical fiction can be truer and better researched than non-fiction. Being forced to classify your own writing, brings perspective. Time traveling is Science Fiction, but the author may prioritize historical elements. Romance novels often are period pieces, but you need to show obvious priority to either the romance or the history to define the genre. Personally, I focus on history but my writing style doesn’t reflect the classical form of historical fiction, but I’m heavily into historical research. Laura Ingalls Wilder appears to have influenced you, but you lean toward a grittier adult theme. Family Saga probably defines your work the best, but historical fiction would be my next definition of your style.


    • Yes, I think of myself as the gritty Laura Ingalls Wilder. πŸ™‚ Exactly..I should probably use that in a bio. πŸ™‚ But then people have a misconception about her based on the tv show (at least a certain generation of readers).

      I love doing research and my first novel is the closest to historical fiction–but family is key for me.

      Thanks! Hope all’s well down in sunny Florida.

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  3. Thanks for this discussion about historical fiction, Adrienne. I find it amusing that one of the articles you highlighted states that historical fiction is very popular among readers, while another states it’s widely disliked. May be based on interpretation of the genre – exactly what is discussed here. Since I consider two of my books to be historical fiction, I found the arguments persuasive if not completely definitive.


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