How to Write a Big House Novel: Learn from the Irish

courtesy Sisters of Science
Lillian Bland

Here’s a belated bit of Irish:

CASTLE RACKRENT, a short novel by Maria Edgeworth published in 1800, is often regarded as the first historical novel, the first regional novel in English, the first Anglo-Irish novel, the first Big House novel and the first saga novel.

POWER AND PRIVILEGE IN THE BIG HOUSES OF IRELAND (Fantastic pictures of landed gentry in Ireland).

LILLIAN BLAND: Anglo-Irish journalist and aviator who, in 1910–11, became one of the first women in the world to design, build, and fly an aircraft.

4 responses to “How to Write a Big House Novel: Learn from the Irish”

    • There’s an underlying sadness to Irish people that I’ve always been drawn to. My ex husband was Irish. My father was half Irish. Irish men are an interesting lot. (Oh, yeah, and one of my best friends is a Dubliner–and the inspiration for Buck Crenshaw’s mother).

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  1. Adrienne, these were fascinating to read about. The Irish are terrific writers so not surprising the first historical fiction comes from there, more interesting is that was a woman writer! Also interesting to read about Lilian Bland, thank you for sharing! 😀


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