Meet Chloe Sevigny (the goat) on Instagram

Chloe Sevigny in her theatrical debut as Blanche DuBois

I’ve been moonlighting lately. After a month of blizzards, animal births and foster kid drama my mind is a bit fried. But I can still take pictures!

ENTER INSTAGRAM. It’s surprisingly fun. Photo shoots with goats are fun. HERE’S MY LINK:


I’m also on Twitter now but still haven’t figured out what it’s about. 🙂


11 responses to “Meet Chloe Sevigny (the goat) on Instagram”

  1. Supposedly, authors should use Twitter but I’m not fond of the format, Google+ seems the better idea because it helps your search engine rankings. From the other comments, it appears you named the goat for Streetcar reasons/


    • I have to admit that I like Instagram because it’s just fun to take and see pictures. I don’t have to think too much. 🙂

      Twitter feels a little like swapping business cards. My daughter’s on twitter so I like seeing what she posts. She witty.


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