War of the Dots (History of Codes for the Blind)



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    As a registered blind person and a braille user, I was interested to read this article regarding the controversy surrounding which braille code should be used. As a blind person growing up in the UK, I was taught to read English Braille. At that time the braille used in the UK did not utilise capitals. As a consequence, when I began to touch-type (using a manual typewriter) I had to learn to use capitals which, as a braille user was initially rather difficult to remember. Today the braille produced here in the UK contains capitals. There are, however many books still available lacking capitals, many of which sit on my bookshelves. The controversy surrounding the introduction of capitals and other changes to the braille code which I have witnessed during my lifetime, pale into insignificance when compared to those detailed in the article. Much of my reading is now done using Job Access with Speech (software which converts text into speech and braille enabling me to use a standard Windows computer or Laptop), or by utilising the text to speech facility on my Kindle. I do, however still enjoy reading braille books and own a small braille library. Kevin


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