7 thoughts on “How to Think About History as a Writer

  1. I love that phrase “tripwire of dates”!!! Hahaha, so true I found from writing memoir. But interestingly when one of my students set out to put Johanna Reiss’ book on a chronological timeline he was able to do so almost without glitch. The personal history matched up to the public history.

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    • Wow. For most of my life I thought I killed a rabbit baby with a broom when I was four. I was shocked when my mother said it never happened. Time and memory are such funny things.

      They say foster kids have a very messed up sense of history due to trauma.

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      • Oh wow! How did you come up with that one? Was it a nightmare maybe?
        I’m sure that is true for foster kids. But if that is taken too far then nobody can believe what they say, and that isn’t fair either. Awkward situation. By the way, have you read Three Little Words? Just wondered what you thought of it.


  2. I’ve rather recently become aware that I cannot trust the intensity of my feelings that some memory is true — that some memories, like your rabbit, are entirely fabricated by me, yet feel just as true as others that I know independent of my feelings are true. That’s thrown me for a bit of loop since I like to blog now and then about people I’ve known!


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