Phone Calls

A fear I can really relate to: phone calls. Enjoy this post from one of my favorite bloggers today! Happy Sunday.


One of the things I dreaded most about going to school to become a social worker, were all of the logistical details I would have to deal with: looking for resources, making phone calls, filling out forms, and doing general paperwork. I’ve never been good at those things. When I get a letter in the mail, I get nervous; even if it’s a regular bank statement, or a credit card offer, I worry. And when I have to make a phone call or look at bills, I want to hide under the bed, but Cricket is already there and she growls at me for invading her space.

001 “This hiding spot is taken.”

This year, I’ve had to do a lot of paperwork and phone calls for clients at my internship. At first I wanted to hide under the desk – which was wide open because Cricket is not allowed to…

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  1. When I first went to work t 18, I had never used a phone and was terrified when it rang and it was my job to answer it.


    1. You had never used a phone?!!!! LOL. I used to write down everything I was going to say. Of course the conversations always went differently than I had planned for.

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      1. This was 1960, post war England. My worst moment was when I asked a man to spell his name. “de Ath” was the reply. You can guess what I blurted out. 🙂


      2. Haha! I failed getting work at the telephone company because I was partially deaf in one ear–thank God!

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  2. cindy knoke says:

    I don’t relish answering the phone either so I relate to both of you.

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