Would You Have The Guts to Go Back in Time?

4 responses to “Would You Have The Guts to Go Back in Time?”

  1. I watched that documentary where a family with servants lived as they did during Victorian times. It became quite depressing for the servants over the course of many days.


    • i can imagine it would. I love those shows but always wonder if they can really be an accurate measure of how people felt back then since they’re taking modern people with their sense of entitlement and “demeaning” them by making them serve others. Back in the day they may have been happy for a job that wasn’t in a mine or factory. Even when they show the women suffering making a fire in the cookstove I think, well, they would have learned how to do that properly over the course of years, not weeks. 🙂


    • I remember the sense I had back in 4th grade when our teacher showed us how to dip candles like they did in colonial days of being transported back in time. It was thrilling for me. My feeling is that some of us have a strong sense of our genetic memory and feel a real pull backwards. Not sure why. My husband and many other people are always looking forward.

      Then there are those really mentally (or spiritually) healthy people who live in the present. 🙂

      We went to see Ragtime, the musical, in the park this weekend and I found it to be such a one-dimensional and negative view of the past that it also came across as unrealistic.

      Assuming the past was better or trying to judge it as if the people then thought about and understood life as we do now is very unrealistic.
      Yet the couple in the videos seem to be having a nice time together pursuing their passion for history. I enjoyed that.


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