What They Listened To: 1867

As many of you know MY NOVELS are set in Civil War and post-Civil War America. I thought it would be fun each week to focus on a different year of music from 1860-1900. Maybe my characters were listening to these songs back in the day. ENJOY.

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  1. From the silly to the sublime – and not much different today.


    1. That’s what’s so fun to see–humans have always been so silly and sublime. 🙂


  2. Luanne says:

    I was blocked from the 2nd ones, the stupids. This is 1867? The first one seems so “modern,” that I thought it was from my parents’ era.

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    1. It’s fun to see how each generation borrows from the past.

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      1. Luanne says:

        It is, but hearing the music really bring.s the era to life for me! I love your idea

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      2. Ever since reading an essay on aural history I’ve been so intrigued by the sounds our ancestors heard and didn’t hear.

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      3. Luanne says:

        What a fruitful inquiry for me . . . .

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  3. Annika Perry says:

    Alas the second one is blocked Luanne pointed out but the first one I’d even heard of…I suppose some songs last a long time. Great idea to share music from the era of your novels…it gives a wonderful feel to the time and creates a new dimension of experience.


    1. Thanks for reminding me! I just changed the second link. 🙂 Researching music is definitely a pleasant way to spend one’s time.

      My husband isn’t much moved by music which I find impossible to understand. All music affects me deeply–even if it’s horrible.

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