My Life Mission Is Soon To Be Accomplished

MY MESSAGE TO EVERYONE is to NEVER STOP SEEKING PURPOSE! Never settle for what others think is enough for you.

For most of my life I drifted with that uneasy feeling of never finding a life purpose. As a purpose-driven person I dove deep into things I was only mildly interested in and relationships that were fascinating but dysfunctional. At the time these weird relationships and ridiculous career choices were only slightly amusing–to others. Family and friends thought I was successful enough. They thought I was too serious. I was doing pretty normal things fairly well, but internally I was in a constant state of unrest.

Then I wrote a novel about life, family, love and addiction. One hundred pages into the first draft I knew, I really knew, that I’d found my purpose–or that I’d finally listened to the inner voice given to me at birth. And now with the end of one long novel about an addicted soldier and his wife and a series about their offspring coming to a close after 5 books, I’m satisfied.

This doesn’t mean I plan to die from Lyme complications or that I’m tired of writing, but if I had to stop after I publish the novel I’m editing right now, I’d be okay. Before I was never okay. I was a caged tiger, a malnourished creative and a diamond in the rough.

Some people who like epic sagas loved THE HOUSE ON TENAFLY ROAD (a few didn’t). The next booksย  starting with WEARY OF RUNNING are shorter and possibly better, but I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish writing the series I’ve hardly talked about all the fun, sad and exciting characters who’ve become a second family to me. Now I know what happens to them all, and I can’t wait to share them with the world.

I don’t know where I end, but it’s okay. It really is.

My mission was to write imperfect characters. That I’ve done. Will readers understand the hearts hidden behind pride, fear, stupidity and a desperate need for love and meaning? I hope so. The mission was (and is) to take imperfect people and let them know they are loved. I love them.

My fantastic designer and I decided with the series nearing completion that it was time to re-do the covers. They so fantastically capture the spirit of the books I have a hard time not bringing them into every conversation I have with strangers.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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13 responses to “My Life Mission Is Soon To Be Accomplished”

  1. Adrienne, you can be so proud of yourself and, yes, satisfied that you’ve accomplished your purpose. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation. You will probably get antsy again when another book starts bugging you! xo


  2. Oh Adrienne, we must absolutely never stop seeking, never! I’m 71 and just published my first book, a memoir. More to come! By the way, your covers are stunning!! Best of luck!


    • Congrats to you, Ellie! As a late bloomer myself I’m so excited to keep going, but every once in a while when I get impatient with myself and life I have to remind myself of the many things I thought I’d never be able to do and have now done. I wish I’d known sooner how to break through fear, but better late than never.

      Best of luck to you as well. My designer will be very happy with your compliment!


      PS What do you plan to tackle next?


  3. Adrienne, I’ve long admired your accomplishments. Books well written and beautifully published, about characters who’ve fallen and stood again, family nuance and social complexity, against the historical backdrop of America. The truths behind could be anywhere, any time. I’m glad to know you’ve reached your goal, one goal, and hope there are many others. Hoping you conquer lyme disease, wishing you well on future endeavors, and sending blessings to you and your family.

    And looking forward to seeing you here in this or other guise – I certainly hope so.


    • Okay, I think I need to post your extremely kind words somewhere special in my house. It thrills me to think someone is enjoying my stories.

      I’m not going anywhere soon. I’m grateful that I finally asked for a Lyme test (my husband dared me). I think I’ll be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ But blessings are always appreciated!!

      I hope one day to read one of your published books!



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