Snow Day at Middlemay Farm

Only a few weeks until maple syrup making!

4 responses to “Snow Day at Middlemay Farm”

  1. Do you tap your own maple syrup? I am so jealous!
    I love the sheep staring right at us, munching on her weeds. Do you provide additional food for them, or is this enough to keep them going? (Yes, this is a real question – I was once told that the fields of alfalfa I was looking at were used to make styrofoam – and I believed the guy. He must still be telling that story, still falling off his stool laughing at how stupid this city girl was.)


    • Remember the pasta commercial where the Italian villagers harvested it from trees? lol

      We do tap our trees. I thought it would be fun as a Saturday project to tap 2 or 3 but my husband always goes big. We tap 40 trees on our property and the neighbor’s.

      The first few weeks are a nightmare lugging 5 gallon buckets filled to the top with sticky water but the final run (called the frog run because the sap stops flowing when you can hear the first peepers) is great. The weather is a little warmer and it almost feels like spring.

      I take the sheep out for walks so they can play around (they are actually playful). We give them hay and a little grain this time of year. They are adorable.

      You’re always welcome to come for a visit if ever on the East Coast. 🙂

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