The Garden

“Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them.”
 Vincent A. Simeone

cavalier king charles spaniel
Rosie and Daisy care little about gardening when the fire burns in the wood stove.

10 responses to “The Garden”

  1. There are no other creatures on earth better at cultivating a happy human being than CKC spaniels. And what beautiful figures they have kept, due to your care!


    • Do you have one (or more — it’s hard to stop at one). They are the sweetest. My daughter and I watched the first season of Victoria this Christmas. We enjoyed Dash (the cavalier) almost as much as Albert…
      We used to have a blenheim little boy. My husband’s mother sent him black walnut muffins that no one liked but him and the dog. It didn’t end well as far as weight gain for either of them!

      I’m a little controlling now.

      I hope all is well with you, Pippa.


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