#WritersLife at Middlemay Farm

The last of my novels are awaiting their final editing (more about how great KEVIN BRENNAN of INDIE-SCRIBABLE EDITORIAL SERVICES has been in a future post).

Spring has arrived and just in time. As my dogs can tell you, we were getting a little too used to slacking in bed.


Yes, this is our new basement hideout/bedroom/writing space. The dogs never want to leave but I have to occasionally go outside to see if one of these has arrived:


I named our only black lamb Prince Andrei after he came down with a sickness that could have taken his life. He survived but is having a little trouble fitting in …

I’m having the same trouble finding time to write, but I said I was taking a small break to get used to my new surroundings which aren’t half bad:

Today I’d love to know how your spring is going. Do you have a special place to dream or nap? Any new arrivals causing you to reshuffle your space?

If you’ve done a post about your space leave me a link. I love seeing how other people live.

Rosie is so not interested in my books! Brat!



15 responses to “#WritersLife at Middlemay Farm”

  1. Change can be stressful but also one of the most cathartic experiences. I also just moved my space out of the corner in the living room (HATED it being there) into one son’s bedrooms. He’s been in his own house with his own family for decades now and it was time for me to rearrange things. Dragged out all the old stuff, put mine in, and started writing. It will eventually also be my art studio and will still serve as occasional guest room. I’ve discovered that the window in this room has a lovely view outside where I can see the hummingbirds gather around the feeder.

    All I need now is a dog lounging on the pillow and maybe a lamb to tend. Sounds like you’re adapting well, Adrienne. May your new space be as productive as your old.

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    • I love hummingbirds! But then who doesn’t? so glad you found a new space to start fresh. It can be really fun.

      I’m grateful that we have the space to get away from the craziness sometimes in our basement sanctuary. The dogs have never been happier. LOL.


  2. What a wonderful, homey post idea, Adrienne. Your happy/writerly space! Yours is LOVELY! I have a similar desk, I’ll tag you in a photo of it on Instagram. Not sure if I’ve put it on my blog, maybe I’ll have to remedy that. I call it my Jane Austen desk, although my daughter calls me Jo March in my garret. Ha! How wonderful that you novel is in editing faze! I still want to take some time and go through your blog more! Alas children need educating and meals need cooking! Looking forward to summer break in a month or so! Bless you.


  3. Hi Adrienne,
    I found you from Annika’s blog. 🙂 This post is great, love all the animals, and your special place is just lovely. I also have a furry friend who is part chocolate lab (Copper), so I can relate to the canines. I look forward to reading and visiting more, as well. ~Lauren


      • Hi Adrienne, yes, I love Annika’s blog and so happy to have met her. As to labs, I know that now, but not before we adopted our choc. lab mix, Copper. He’s a big sweetheart but has some quirky issues. Soon after, I learned that choc. labs are the “craziest” out of the breeds. Just great! 🙂 But, we love him and survived those menacing, early days of getting to know him. It’s been 6 years now and he’s much better. 💕


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