Sunday at Middlemay Farm

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Tenafly Road Series
“Characters so deep you follow them into the abyss, hoping to come out unscathed, but never returning the same. They will haunt me forever.”

The Tenafly Road Series

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  1. I can see why you love living there, Adrienne.


    1. Some people complain about the weather up here but I think they’re missing the big picture 😉


  2. candidkay says:

    Gorgeous. And a balm for the soul, I’m sure . . .


    1. It is, though even in beautiful places it’s so easy to get caught up in your drama and not take time to notice. I hope by featuring pretty things I offer balm to others’ souls as well.


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  3. Photos of a gorgeous part of the US – thanks for sharing your farm. I’ve always loved the autumn colors – don’t get such a fanfare out here in California, at least not where I live.


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