Farewell, Tenafly Road ~ Adrienne Morris’ series is wrapping up

For the past year I’ve had the incredible pleasure of working with Kevin Brennan (editor extraordinaire!). He’s kindly given his take on The Tenafly Road Series today. It’s been a joy having such a talented writer critique my work. Here’s what he has to say about the project!
P.S.~ I highly recommend his services!!!


Earlier this year I had the tremendous pleasure to edit Adrienne Morris’ Tenafly Road Series. That’s right—the entire series! Adrienne was planning the conclusion of the series in the fall, so early in 2018 she decided to have all the volumes edited and polished up for their conclusion with the forthcoming The Grand Union.

If you haven’t read any of the books in the series, I can vouch that Adrienne is a master of historical fiction, having done deep-in-the-weeds research that helps to make each scene so realistic it’s almost like a movie playing out before your eyes. Starting with The House on Tenafly Road, the series takes us through the many trials and tribulations of the Crenshaw and Weldon families of Englewood, New Jersey, from the Civil War era through the turn of the new century. Much of the series takes place in 1870s/80s Arizona as well…

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