Pray for the Dead?

Do you think it’s morbid to pray for the dead? Do you think they can pray for us? 

I accept that I may have an active imagination and we can’t know for sure if visiting cemeteries brings us closer to our loved ones, but I feel it can. 

I visited one of my Civil War veteran grandfathers and while it was lovely to run my hand over the tombstone and listen to the lonely whispering of the pines, their voices had no message for me.  At least not on that day.   

But there is one cemetery that I visit yearly and feel instantly every time that I am at home with loved ones I’ve never met on this side. On a few occasions I’ve felt as if a knowledge of their personalities and histories was suddenly downloaded into my heart and brain.  

I’ve even “guessed” about certain idiosyncrasies only later to find clues in old documents that seem to confirm my feelings.   

I don’t think I have special powers. I’m not sure what I think, but I do wonder how anyone could ever be bored in life. 

How about you? Any experience that confirmed to you that our loved ones are closer than we think?

2 responses to “Pray for the Dead?”

  1. I have no doubt our loved ones are close but I just dont feel it in graveyards. I love exploring them, getting those little glimpses of people’s lives from what their families have chosen to share, but for connecting with my relatives: they just feel a little uncomfortable, I guess. Like visiting someone in a new house. Hmmm…have I said too much 😁


    • No, I like what you’re saying. It’s so interesting to me. I’ve never visited my father’s grave since his funeral. My siblings decided to put his body in a cement thing (I can’t think of the name) instead of in the ground. I like tombstones. Anyway, I never felt like I needed to go there to be with him. For some reason it’s only particular relatives at one cemetery that affected me in a special way. My father once came to me in a dream the first year after he died and wished me a happy birthday with a box of Dunkin Donuts in his hands like always. Haha! I had forgotten my birthday!

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