A Stolen Tombstone

Why would a person steal from a cemetery? At my favorite family resting spot in the middle of nowhere someone stole the headstone of a Civil War soldier who died of disease before seeing battle. It was early in the war, so his body was sent home. 

A couple in Florida found the headstone in an antique store and after doing some research found the living descendants who brought the stone back to the North. Those descendants are my cousins.

This tiny cemetery is surrounded by acres and acres of trees planted by the government where thriving farms used to be. The only farmers to remain on their land are the ones buried in this patch of green.  

Someone even stole the iron sign over the entrance gate probably to sell for junk.  

Some people say the material trappings of life don’t matter to the dead, but they should matter to the living who live only because those dead folks chose to procreate and build a world for us.

One response to “A Stolen Tombstone”

  1. Gravestones matter on so many levels. They reflect our history. How lovely, and how remarkable, that those who found the stone were sensitive enough to recognize its importance and send it home.


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