A Civil War Envelope

First time I wore a corset I became a woman. Before that I was a person not at home for trying to be too many different things to too many people. I had felt responsible for the world’s destruction since I was five and put before the TV to watch crying Indians and baby seals being clubbed for their furs.

Femininity was frowned upon as being weak and less than. Again, this was a TV message. At college the message was the same. This message was not one espoused by any of my male professors. Only the bitter female ones who seemed to hate the young lady students as much as the young men.

At a Civil War re-enactment, I borrowed hoops and clasped on a corset. I glided around in a blue-checked navy day dress and smart green hat feeling like someone new. I was treated differently too. There is a dignity to uniforms and dresses that we rarely see in our modern casual attire. I don’t know why it took this corset to accept my femininity and begin to love it. Even the occasional guilt I had experienced for bringing more “useless eaters” into the world left me. Bringing beauty and love and more humans into the world is not weakness.

2 responses to “A Civil War Envelope”

    • Yes, throughout history men and women celebrated the differences between the masculine and the feminine. It can be a lovely thing. Both essences bring balance and harmony to life. Once I realized this my life changed completely. I have a lot more love for both sexes now. When people say that women had it so hard, I agree but so did men. We tend to only look at the upper classes that had leisure and wealth in the past. Life was and is hard for everyone.


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