What were your biggest takeaways from grade school?


I wanted to be a Pueblo Indian when I grew up. 

Also wanted to be a Dutch colonist and make bayberry scented candles all day. 

After second grade it was no longer acceptable to hold hands with your best friend walking to school. 

Planting trees was a civic duty. 

You’re a Grand Old Flag had the ability to stay stuck in your head for a lifetime. 

You had to pretend to be someone you were not in order to be a teacher’s pet. 

9 responses to “What were your biggest takeaways from grade school?”

  1. Adrienne, you really seemed to have to work hard on wrong subjects. Just made me realise what wonderful
    Teachers we had. Never had any shorts under our skirts, just underwear. Trousers in winter. Shorts for gym and sports.


    • Since childhood I’ve always valued my freedom. I wanted to learn MY way. LOL. I had a few great teachers but my conflicted feelings about the education system have lasted a lifetime.

      I’m a little hard on teachers, but I actually know from my own experience teaching that it’s hard to give every kid what they need to feel valued. The kids who quietly comply are encouraged less because it’s assumed they have it together (they’re the easy ones) but a lot of times they need encouragement to really bloom.


  2. A Dutch Pueblo INdian? Now that’s original.
    I sent you a Moon Mail last night. Though the rainy season has started and it’s very cloudy. Tell me whether you got it. 😉


  3. I’m late to the party but sure, I’ll play:). Ohio’s history is not very exciting. Wool uniforms are not well suited for wet winter days. When feeling sleepy, open a window and let the frigid air in (nun’s trick). You can get through a lot in a day happily if you know you’re stopping with friends at the candy store on the way home:).


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