Getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden–Buck Crenshaw

courtesy of Bennington Museum Who doesn’t like solid rooms, good cigars and suits that fit as they should? Who doesn’t like coming home to a flowering cottage garden with white hydrangeas lining the drive and roses over the door? Your wife appears in the latest fashion with well fed kids in tow and your money … Continue reading Getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden–Buck Crenshaw


The Grand Union When Gilded Age banker Buck Crenshaw’s career plans are ruined on the eve of his honeymoon in 1887 Saratoga Springs, he must learn how to love his new wife while hustling for clients to secure their future. A faith healer arrives on the scene shaking Buck’s confidence yet again, but this time … Continue reading THE GRAND UNION


The One My Heart Loves Buck Crenshaw falls in love, but will he have the courage to marry when everyone at work and in his family is opposed to the match? Buck must choose between happiness and security while navigating the ever-shifting alliances of his siblings and co-workers. His sister Thankful’s jealousy and his brother … Continue reading THE ONE MY HEART LOVES


Captivating saga of betrayal, revenge and redemption in Gilded Age America! Cadet Buck Crenshaw’s integrity is tested when West Point Military Academy opens its doors to black cadets. Will Buck keep his place in the yearling pecking order or throw it away taking a stand for Cadet Milford Streeter? Escaping west to Fort Grant, Arizona, … Continue reading WEARY OF RUNNING