• Quilting a Life: A Conversation About the Value of Making Art

    “Everything you can imagine is real.”  Pablo Picasso My daughter-in-law and I chatted all weekend about the creative life, raising children and genealogy as somehow connected to our life’s purpose the last time she was up for a visit with my son and grandson. On this visit Sam brought along a current project she is […]

  • DIY Maple Syrup

    In 1860 the United States produced more than six and a half million gallons of maple syrup. In 2019 only about one and a half million gallons were harvested. What’s wrong, Americans? My husband “sugars off” the sap alone at our house after the one year he slipped out of a church function to tap […]


    The Dew That Goes Early Away The Gilded Age saga of the tumultuous Crenshaw and Weldon families continues! Unwed and pregnant, Thankful Crenshaw comes home and makes a tragic and life-changing decision. She misses the close relationship she once had with her newly religious brother, Buck, who spends his days in the Arizona desert converting […]

  • $.99 Sale Today!

    Captivating saga of betrayal, revenge and redemption in Gilded Age America! Cadet Buck Crenshaw’s integrity is tested when West Point Military Academy opens its doors to black cadets. Will Buck keep his place in the yearling pecking order or throw it away taking a stand for Cadet Milford Streeter? Escaping west to Fort Grant, Arizona, […]

  • What’s Your Mission in Life?

    How do you start with a tiny spark of inspiration and end with a six book series? I’ve just released THE ONE MY HEART LOVES, the fifth book in THE TENAFLY ROAD SERIES so I thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane. My writing mission that I didn’t know I had at […]

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  • 9 Signs You May Have Mistakenly Joined a Dystopian/Utopian Community

    “I had staked no valuable amount of hope or fear; it had enabled me to pass the summer in a novel and agreeable way, [and] afforded me some grotesque specimens of artificial simplicity.”

  • How to Have Sex to Make Better Children

    I suppose most Victorians had sex that we’d consider pretty normal. Some had affairs and others–a small minority–practiced continence.

  • Can Education Change The World? (or is it all in our heads?)

    “I’ll keep having babies until they stop taking them away.”

  • Utopia & Sex

    JOHN HUMPHREY NOYES was a man of great vision–a deluded and selfish vision–yet one which inspired others to forsake their ordinary lives to join him in Christian communism. Sharing looks good on paper. Noyes was a magnetic man who believed in “healing energy.” He believed, like most 19th century perfectionist utopians, that the kingdom of […]