Welcome to Middlemay Farm

I write novels about “forgotten” people. The ordinary souls (like most of us) who struggle with secret traumas, addictions and the loneliness of believing we are unique in our suffering.

Life can be so muddy, messy and glorious all at the same time. Our histories, our tiny little blips of life, the small moments, the hidden works of service, the smiles of encouragement often always change history. 

Maybe it’s just the history of one person’s afternoon. 

We all know we have this power, but how often are we forgetful, afraid, shy or too busy to wield it? I’m as guilty as anyone else.

Historical Novel Society Editors’ Choice and Notable Indie Book of the Year:

The House on Tenafly Road

“The various members of the McCullough family are portrayed with careful detail and some moments of unexpected humor, but it’s the tortured John Weldon who commands the book; his slow and halting search for personal redemption makes for mesmerizing reading.

. . . extremely evocative.

. . . a long and very satisfyingly complex novel. “

Steve Donoghue

“A deeply engaging story! The characters are rough and so fragile at the same time. This author delves into the strengths and weaknesses of all of humanity while shedding light on the faith we need to survive.” Amazon Review

“Rich and colorful page turners. Morris has a fine sense of time and place and brings her memorable characters to life. She also tells a captivating story. You won’t find it easy to put her books down, and her characters will stay with you when you do. We can only hope she keeps writing and gives us more episodes in this fascinating chronicle.” Amazon Review

*Books available in paperback and for most electronic devices.