Fiction: The Watch

“He’s intoxicated, the thief, and should be left to wander the desert,” Baker, the preacher’s son said when William arrived at Fort Grant that night.

“I’m not drunk—now let me see Thankful.”

FICTION: The Holidays Are Awkward

Margaret Crenshaw and her obnoxious son Fred do their best to keep things uncomfortable when they visit with old friends. For Buck, still in shock over his brutal treatment of a West Point cadet, the visit goes from bad to worse. To the great relief of Graham’s mother and Margaret, Graham gathered up his children…

Meritocracy in a Fallen World–A Spelling Bee

Recess at Noontime–Winslow Homer Spelling bees can be fun sport for smart-minded chums, but what of the poor souls without talent? Let’s join William Weldon at the beginning of book two. After a head injury he’s fallen prey to his rivals–Fred and Buck Crenshaw who offer to “help” him learn the spelling words for a…

Blue Valentine

Inspiration for Buck’s sister Thankful Crenshaw (and what a delightful dress!) La Parisienne by Renoir

I Want to Ride my Bicycle!

The New Girl by Sally Mitchell (great book) A confession–I home-schooled my daughter for less than a year. ( I also got donkey basketball cancelled at our town school–but that’s for another day). After days of arguing over multiplication I ended up letting said daughter sleep until noon and go for bike rides for the…