Hoax: Man on the Moon Has Wings

AND BEAVERS CRADLE THEIR BABIES IN THEIR ARMS on the moon! READ ABOUT THE GREAT MOON HOAX! CLICK HERE for a long list with links to other proven hoaxes.

Evil Seals Killed the Natives! Kill the Seals!!

The pristine heaven on earth created by some people who may have gotten to the “new” world first was destroyed by adorable, playful tricksters. Yes, before that ugly Columbus came there was the evil seal laughing as it spread tuberculosis. I wonder as we go to war with a group of crazies we helped create…

Forgotten Men and Mules Set To Music

Here’s what happens when you visit a military museum instead of going on a Christmas house tour in December: the usual melancholy of a fallen world. I promise next week will be all sweetness and light!