A Noble Moment in a Man’s Life

The Grand Union Hotel speaking, but silently to a uninterested world.
The Grand Union Hotel speaking, but silently to a uninterested world.

There’s a wickedness to not exploring the past–not the past that’s contrived and shoved down your throat by a committee of people with an agenda. Go to the old buildings and listen to them speak to you. Find that little piece of a battlefield still untrammeled by suburbs. In the distance you hear a lawnmower but closer still you feel the fear and heartbreak of men in sweat-stained uniforms being carried from the field under sunny sky.

Don’t put all your faith in the snarky characterizations, the slip-shod research and self-righteous tendency to tear the noble moments of a man’s life down. We’ve all fallen and would prefer no one finds the self-pitying journal entry from 20 years ago that exposes our temptations, mixed motives and sins.

One man's love affair dismantled.
One man’s love affair dismantled.

Trash the textbooks and throw open the historical libraries to children. Let them feel the leather-bound book — pages dripping with ink and humanity. To see a general’s script is to fall in love and understand this man truly existed and thought his own thoughts–not that of a scared little college adjunct professor. I may think great things about a soldier and you may think the Indian is superior, but I say, go back and be with them. Quiet little houses and dusty old local libraries await with their treasure.

Why is it wicked to be fed your history? Because you put your trust in fallen man. I think what I think. I have an agenda so go see for yourself.




Tasha Tudor As Young Woman

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There’s a special gift that only some people have of capturing the essence of life, the fleeting, joyous moments when creativity and enthusiasm combine to conjure up worlds not before imagined. Some people blur the lines between what is real and what is fantasy. They rarely follow herds and often must live in the backwoods of nowhere where eccentricity (true eccentricity–not the Hollywood or music world kind) can be given room to grow and thrive.

Every so often I need my Tasha Tudor fix.