US GRANT: Failed President; Father Extraordinaire

Imperfect man; near perfect father.

Imperfect man; near perfect father.

“General Grant was an extraordinarily responsible and devoted father and husband. He was extremely loving and kind towards his wife and children and was always considered a hero in the eyes of his family. Perhaps General Grant was the most ethical and moral family man and U. S. President that we ever had. The recollection that his wife, children and grandchildren had of him was of the highest caliber.”

READ WHAT HIS FAMILY HAD TO SAY HERE. (Warning: It’s all very sweet) Sigh.



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A moving, sad and brilliant account of US Grant, this biography gave me such sympathy for Grant the man. So flawed, so misunderstood and so melancholy–I dream of writing fiction as satisfying. Don’t assume that because you’re not into politics or the military that this book would bore you. If you like exploring the complexity of the human soul you’ll love this.

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